2 Acres in Ibar Golf course!

Dolna Banya Ibar Golf Course Plot! 2 Acres!
Price per m2 is excellent.
What a great find- 2 acres of prime investment and development land in
Bulgaria's most sought after golf course. Plots are being snapped up
quickly by everyone from shrewd investors to large companies. Why?
Plots, such as this one, are located in the boundaries of the first
Nicklaus designed 18 hour golf course with luxury spa facilities. Only
one hour from Sofia by brand new main road and with the backdrop of the
stunning Rila Mountain range.
Golf will not just be a summer activity on this plot as many think.
While Borovets and Samokov areas are covered in snow, the sun is
shining brightly on the photos to right and this is consistent
throughout the year. In fact, the Dolna Banya region is known for its
all year round sunshine, high ionization levels (very healthy) and
incredible spa facilities. Not to mention that Borovets is just 25
minutes away down the road along with the huge Super Borovets project
which is set to raise ski facilities on a par with Alpine ones. So from
an investment point of view, the facts speak for themselves.
Plot is a good 7993 m² in size and located in a greenzone. This
essentially means the owner of this plot will need to seek egulation
themselves from the local councils, a process which we are able to help
owner with.

Location and Local Attractions

Situated in the highly anticipated Ibar Golf course Development, any
complex built here will automatically have huge appeal and no wonder
buying interest is so strong. Such plots are just being snapped up by
savvy investors so don't get left behind. Average re-sale price for
villas within the golf course boundary is currently at 1200 Euros per
m²- imagine what it will be when the golf course is finished!
Again, this plot is ideal to hold for a few years or to split up into
smaller ones too. Infact, it is the ideal pension fund allowing you to
make substantial returns on your investment that would simply not be
possible on UK property or indeed some property in Bulgaria.
Sofia is around 1 hour away by main road, the Dolna Banya flying school
is 3 kms away (you can hire a plane for under 90 GBP an hour with
pilot!), Dolna Banya centre is 4 kms away and Borovets is 23 kms away.

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Реф. номер: DB547
Тип недвижимости: Земля под застройку, Гольф недвижимость
Площадь: 7993 м2
Комиссия: Без комиссии


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