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Potential development site!
Марица Реф. номер: DB721
€ 115120

Ideal development or commercial plot in Dolna Banya! Only a few minutes from the new Dolna Banya golf course and planned Spa centre, this plot is very well located. At 7 195 m² and bordering the main Dolna Banya-Borovets road, it could be an ideal location for a multiple unit development. 300 m away is a successful villa development and just opposite is a small petrol station and unfinished m...

Dolna Banya plot
Марица Реф. номер: DB703
€ 68660

Potential building plot near Dolna Banya! Overlooking the nearby Rila mountains and easily accessible, this plot could be an ideal location for a multiple unit development or to be split into smaller plots. It also borders plot reference DB702 and both could be purchased together. Bordering the main Dolna Banya- Samokov road, the plot is situated between Maritsa village and Dolna Banya town. The p...

Near Maritsa!
Марица Реф. номер: DB702
€ 39618

Between Dolna Banya and Maritsa!Due to the large size of this plot and its good location, it does have development and commercial potential. With stunning views and a quiet setting, it could be the ideal location for a multiple unit development. The plot borders amother (ref. DB703) and there is the possibility of both being bought together and joined. Plot is over half an acre at 2 201 m² in...

Potential Commercial Plot!
Марица Реф. номер: DB701
€ 33156

Potential development plot! With a large road frontage on the busy Dolna Banya-Borovets main road, this plot has good commercial development potential. The area is becoming increasing popular with developers due to its proximity to the new 18 hole golf course and Borovets ski resorts. An offplan project ref. DB551 is located very close to this plot. Plot is nearly half an acre in size at 1 842 m&s...

Near famous Golf Course with beautiful views!
Марица Реф. номер: DB607
€ 55980

Bulgaria is without a doubt the land of investment opportunities, So why not stop looking at all the other places, here is a brilliant new plot onto the market, right near the famous Jack Nicklaus golf course, near Dolna Banya. This well located plot opens the door to so much for you and your family to go, from winter time to summer, this area of Bulgaria is truly a four seasonal get away… ...

Great potential plot
Марица Реф. номер: DB548
€ 95664

Nestled between a town and a village! Nestled between the beautiful town of Dolna Banya, in the south west of Bulgaria, and the quite village of Maritsa, you will find an investors dream plot. The plot consists of 4 flat good sized plots, that will open doors of business opportunity to you, with 5 979 m², the world is your oyster of what you could use this plot for. It is currently not in reg...

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