От Александър Д, отправлено 3 ноя 2022 г.

Изключително професионална координация на целия процес от страна на Ася. Прозрачно и отзивчиво. Пълна препоръка

От Александър П. от Самоков, отправлено 29 авг 2022 г.

Благодаря на Краси за всичко!

Силно препоръчвам услугите на SkiProperties!

От Силвена Колева от Поморие, отправлено 20 авг 2022 г.

Професионализъм, внимание към клиента, търпение и отзивчивост- това срещнахме в лицето на Краси от СкиПропърти.
Благодаря много за доброто отношение към нас и за огромната помощ по време на целият процес.

От Пламен Топалов от София, отправлено 15 авг 2022 г.

Много сме доволни. Видяхме много професионализъм, коректност и внимание. Благодаря.

От Patricia Killeen от Paris, отправлено 15 авг 2022 г.

I can highly recommend Krasi for any real estate operation; buying or selling.

In 2004 we bought 2 apartments with his help, one on Borovets and one in Samokov - both excellent apartments - the Borovets one on the 6th floor of the Flora building, with Mountain Views, and the Samokov rightone in the center of town, near the fountain.

Some years after we bought, in 2008 with the international financial crash, both apartments lost value, as did properties the world over.

We needed funds for our children’s education, but Krasi guided us, waiting for the right time and then came up with an excellent buyer for the Borovets apartment; someone who required a large studio, not a one bed, and was prepared to pay the same price as a one bedroom for our studio, not an easy find.

Krasi advised us to wait before selling the Samokov apartment and not to sell at a reduced price. He later found a buyer, and advised us on possible pitfalls. This was, like the Borovets sale, very easy for us with all the paperwork done at distance and being finalized in the Bulgarian embassy in Paris - I believe this is possible for many countries.

The best deal is where buyer and seller are both happy - Krasi knows how to make good matches, has an excellent knowledge of the market, real estate laws and knows other top and reasonably priced professionals you may require. He can negotiate situations where going solo or using a less savvy real estate agent, could lead to disaster.

I am confident the buyers of my apparents made good deals as the Bulgarian real estate market is, and I believe, will now continue to boom. I’m happy as hassle free I received all funds rapidly and efficiently. Krasi follows up immediately and is very prompt and punctual and takes the stress and pressure out of real estate deals - Whether buying or selling I couldn’t recommend anyone better and I’ve bought and sold real estate in other countries - Bravo to you Krasi and to your team! Patricia and Philippe

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